Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wishing Well in GardenRail magazine

With the weather warming up a little in time for Christmas, handily ruining the dreams of children hoping for a white one, the January GardenRail magazine arrives to persuade us to do a bit on the line outside.

In this issue, I've built a Perfect World resin kit for a wishing well. It's a nice model but I couldn't stop myself fiddling with it and making a few changes that I consider improvements.

The main mod is to add a tube to the bottom of the "stone" casting. If you don't do this, the little well is likely to be blown away in the wind as the roof will act like a parachute. The scale is large enough (1:19) that you can see down the hole anyway, so it se4ems a shame not to let people peer in hope of seeing some coins tossed in the bottom.

The other change is to pin each of the "wooden" joints with little bits of plastic in case the superglue used for construction doesn't hold up to well in the winter. Hopefully something mechanical fixing bits together will save me a repair job next year.

It's a nice atmospheric little kit that I enjoyed building. From a writers point of view, the biggest problem is that the instructions are so good, there isn't much more to add !

Wishing Well

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