Monday, June 05, 2006

Boxing clever

Boat Box
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Now the Pie is sailing I need to protect it while travelling. Carrying it around on its stand is fine but I’m always worried about bumps and bashes. Having spent all that time building it I want to treat it like fine china. Cotton wool ain’t soft enough for this baby.

Soooo it was time for trip to Torries Hardware in Warwick where I left a cutting list. A couple of days later a pack was waiting for me, all nice and square with straight edges. A few lengths of stripwood, nails, screws and varnish and I was ready to go. Can’t understand why anyone uses a DIY store when the local shop will do the hard work for you at little or no cost. Nice wood as well with a superb grain on the face.

It’s a big box and only just tall enough for the boat. Plenty of length for a few tools and the radio control handset. A cheap clip keeps the front closed but if I wanted to a lock could go on for extra security. Even a big box is easier to move than the boat loose on its stand – and if the box takes a knock I’m not so worried.

Perhaps I should chuck work in and start making coffins !

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