Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pilot boat, brush and saw in Model Boats

A couple of reviews by me in the current (June 2012) issue of Model Boats magazine.

First up are some brushes from Trumpeter. I'm using these on the Canberra as I write (well, not as I write, I don't want paint on the keyboard,. You know what I mean, stop being silly) and they seem very nice.

From the same source is a nifty little saw. In full size it would be described as a "Keyhole saw", a very useful bit of kit in the real world. For modellers wanting to hack away at stuff where the access is poor, then this little device is very handy. Sadly the blades are more suited to wood and plastic than metal. A finer tooth would make it a must buy.

Finally, the biggie - first review of the Speedline ex-HFM Pilot Boat. Model Boats often do reviews in two stages and this is no exception. Part 1 mentions the kit and shows a shot of the contents. It's little more than a mention the thing exists. Part 2, in a few months, will be a build of the model with all the niggles exposed. Or the builders incompetence. We shall see once it hits the workbench.

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