Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Enjoying playing with my little chopper

Little ChopperI love tools. Can't get enough of buying the things. Never feel that money spent of equipment is wasted. Which is probably why the cupboard of kits is also a cupboard of tools.

Not all are useful. Even those that are have to overcome my inertia to get them out and set them up first.

One of the latest additions to the workbench is this The Chopper II from American firm Northwest Short Line and sold in the UK by NG Trains.

Somewhere in the back of a pile is a the Chopper Mk1, bought for a song brand new and unused on a second hand stall. In theory, it's good but to be honest, I don't think it is. The construction seems cheap and the blade isn't that accurate. That's not to say you shouldn't buy it when the tool finds its way on to ebay of course...

MKII is a different beast. Cast metal means a descent weight and the blade is spot on accurate. Metal guides can be clamped in place for accurate and repeatable angle cutting.

The job I've just used it for is making square section drain pipes for a factory. Being able to chop the strip with nice accurate, square ends is fab. No more bodgery to keep things square which speeds up construction AND improves the results.

£42 might seem a luxury but for me it's hopefully going to be worth it.


Paul B. said...

This is one of those tools that I want but can't justify, at least not at the moment anyway (I don't do enough modelling in plastic).
£42 isn't much really when you consider how usefull a tool like this can be, how well made it is and how many years modelling you have left in you (hopefully lots!). And its probably a better investment than another bag of kits that you just had to have but will most likely just sit in back of the cupboard.

Phil Parker said...

It's good for wood and card as well as plastic. Sadly, not metal.

I don't think a well-made tool is a luxury. It's always nice to work with quality equipment.

Anonymous said...

I have that exact same chopper, and it's the kind of tool that once you have it, finds many uses. Needing to cut several pieces all to identical lengths is a common need.

Geoff said...

Phil, I too have one of these and it is very well used. I've used it for cutting up scale corrugated iron to scale sized sheets. I'm not sure how it would go with thicker material. Always good to read your blog!