Saturday, October 04, 2014

Hong Kongs many model shops

Hong Kong Model Shop 3Since I don't really have a plan for my stopover in Hong Kong, on the first afternoon and evening, I decided to have a walk around the block from my hotel just to soak up some atmosphere.

This walk turned in to more of a wander than planned and I was eventually a bit lost in he maze of streets. No worries thought I, if I head over in that sort of direction, I'll probably be about right.

Walking past a shopping alleyway, I spotted a sign for J.BO hobbies. "That looks interesting", I thought so wandered up there. Before finding shop, in the 30 feet before this there were two more. And just beyond, another two. An at the end of the shops, Hong Kong Model Shop 2another one at the end of the street. Around the corner, another 3. At this point I turned in the direction of the hotel and passed 3 more shops.

All in, I think I counted 12 shops. All within 4 minutes walk. Some were next door neighbours. All were open even though it was 6:30pm on a Friday.

Looking at the stock, small, battery powered racing cars seem to be the thing. All the shops stock them and one has a host of tune up parts. These were so popular, a big crowd of youths were going through them and you couldn't get in the door.

Hong Kong Model Shop 1After this, it's R/C stuff, mostly Tamiya of course. Cars, planes and even a few boats. One shop is stuffed with plastic kits.

The only thing missing is trains. Presumably there is a Hong Kong model train scene but I've yet to find it.

More importantly, I need to work out where these shops are so I can visit properly on the return leg of my trip. The last 3 are on Waterloo road so let's hope I can work it out from there!

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Ken555 said...

I guess you were in the MacPherson playground area. If not head there.