Monday, September 11, 2017

Hattons announce another 2 locos I've built from kits

Hattons have announced a couple of new locos. Exciting news, but also frustrating.

Why? Because they are two I've already built from kits!

 The Southern P Class isn't a surprise, people have been sniffing around it for a few years now. I know one magazine editor who tried to persuade various publishers it would make a cracking RTR model - and he wasn't wrong. 

In the meantime, I have built the kit twice - once in BR livery for Hellingly (it was the only loco passed to run on the hospital branch) and more recently for BRM as an article, finished in wartime livery. 

Made from the South Eastern Finecast whitemetal kit, it's not a difficult build but the kit is showing its age. Painting the model into pre-grouping livery, or the rather attractive Bluebell colours is going to be beyond most of us, and now you can just buy one for £99!

 The second model is an industrial Barclay. Colourful locos that can appear in loads of liveries are the PO wagon of the engine world. Done properly, and by that I mean produced in sufficient numbers to satisfy demand, they should be a bit of a cash cow. 

Again, I've built the model, this time for Hornby Magazine. The kit is one of DJH's beginners range and a very pleasant build which I've recommended to many looking for their first steps in kit building. 

What I've shown you are moy models and you probably want to see the RTR versions. Working EP's were on show but my photos for some reason aren't the best. 

To be honest, both are cracking models and I'll admit to being tempted by both. Not sure which colours to go for but fortunately, neither is a limited edition so I don't have to rush. 

Better photos and full details (and much frothing) can be found over on RMweb:

 But, a little bit of me is grumpy as that's another 3 locos I can't run without hearing the words, "Is that the new Hattons one?" followed by, "Are you going to buy one to replace it then?"

Grumping aside, I did take some photos of the component parts because I found these as interesting as the running models. I'd love to get my hands on a set of bits and build my own (yes, I know this is impractical for many reasons) loco. 

Click on the photos for much larger versions. 


Anonymous said...

It's no good Phil come back to 3mm nobody is going to produce ready to Run for us

Anonymous said...


Can appreciate the 'Grumpyness' but a serious question and given the proverbial comments/chat about this and that not being precise (not read anything yet) why don't the companies offer the models in kit form as well, Looks much like a glorified Airfix kit. Maybe just the bodies without chassis or have those separately as well. Clearly there would be a market for them as well then those that want to buy completed model can and those that want to kit bash or modify to the nth degree can. Any it would be another income stream for the relevant companies that ultimately may help to keep the overall costs down of said models!


Phil Parker said...

Pete - Because the sales would be tiny and packaging all the parts, writing instructions and then providing customer support for the CKD version would push the price well past that of the RTR model. People can't even attach the detail parts supplied with RTR models nowadays so building one from bits would be beyond many.

If anyone wants a CKD Barclay, the DJH kit is a nice easy build as that's how it was designed. The PC class is a more traditional kitbuild meaning the chassis needs soldering and careful assembly.

Mr Taylor Anthony said...

I'd be happy to see an unmarked version of the barclay in green as a basis for customisation. Just imagine the decal sheet sales or etched brass plates.

Phil Parker said...

I doubt an unmarked loco would be significantly cheaper than a painted version. The sales would be lower though so I can't see it happening. Mind you, the price is pretty keen so just get some paint stripper and get cracking!

matt scrutton said...

Don't worry Phil. I think your P looks better

Phil Parker said...

I couldn't paint it as well as Hattons can though!

matt scrutton said...

I think flawless paint looks unnatural

Phil Parker said...

True, but wobbly lining doesn't look good either. I'm still umming and ahhing between Bluebell and "Pride of Sussex". I certainly couldn't do the first and would need transfers for the second.