Monday, June 05, 2023



I seriously thought about leaving the back-to-front brake gear. Firmly fixed in place, I wasn't sure I could remove it without damage. And would anyone notice? 

Eventually I decided that I would notice. It would always bug me. And now was the time to do something, before any painting. 

So, every joint was treated to a big blob of Zap debonder. This stuff is mainly for unsticking skin, but it couldn't do any harm. 

After 15 minutes, I started waggling pins and trying to slide a knife between flat metal joints. It's took a little while, but eventually I managed to pull it all apart without any damage. Superglue joints on non-porus surfaces aren't that strong, and can often be persuaded to seperate cleanly. 

After that, everything was cleaned up and re-assembled the right way round. Every part was re-used, and it now looks right. I'm glad I didn't settle. 


James Finister said...

Do you think the extra detail in this scale will alter your approach in smaller scales? If not doing things to quite the same detail at least replicating some of the look?

Phil Parker said...

Thanks to Rice, I've long been a fan of replacing solid brake safety loops with bits of staple, something you see in 7mm upwards normally.

Don't know about the rest. It helps to understand what things look like, which might cause me to upgrade some parts, but as an impressionistic modeller, some things don't worry me as much as they would to others.

Everyone models in their own style. I'm sure mine wouldn't suit everyone.