Sunday, June 04, 2023

Photos from the Gauge 3 AGM 2023

A few photos from my trip to Flitwick for the G3 AGM show. I'm not a member, but with my Garden Rail hat on, there are always some potential stories from the scale, and I always enjoy chatting at a show.

Steve Barrett fires up his J65 on the outdoor track. 

The G3 Project loco kit prototype. Members can build this electrically driven Adams G6 for £500 (+ motor/gears and radio control). The bodywork is 3D printed, and it looks like a lot of loco for the money. 

Who doesn't love a chocolate loco? 

Some absolutely stunning workmanship. I am in awe of people who can do this sort of thing - as I told the builder.

It's a Dalek on the footplate. That regulator can't be good for his rubber plunger! (Don't worry kids, it's an electric model, so doesn't get hot)

All in all, I very pleasent few hours. I can't get involved with another scale practically, but I'll admit it is tempting. There are a lot of modellers, displaced from other scales by burgeoning RTR, who could find a home here. 

Gauge 3 Society website.

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