Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Egg Special!

3 choccie eggs

It's Easter and to me that means chocolate eggs. Yum!

Anyway, this isn't a blog about chocolate, it's about making things, so looking for a connection, I decided that the ideal topic for today would be the contents of Kinder Surprise eggs.

My local newsagents were sold out but the nearest branch of WH Smith furnished me with a broadsheet newspaper and 3 of their 4 remaining eggs. I left the last for any small children who would otherwise miss out on a treat.

Carefully removing the chocolate, I unpacked the toys and found these:

Kinder Junk
From left to right -
An alligator. While the figure is a solid lump of plastic, the cardboard scenery does need to be folded and clipped together. The resulting pond isn't the most realistic I've ever seen but if you prefer, by reversing the folds your new pet can sit on a river bank. I decided he would prefer a swim.
A painting set. Clever this one. The yellow figure with bristles pointing out of his head is a brush and can be removed from the red feet that contain water based paints. Blue and yellow don't seem like the most exciting colour combo in the world but then you can make green as well. Mind you, the instructions on the pictures to colour in don't show any mixing, just different shades of the base colours. Seems a bit limited, don't think Humbrol will be copying this.
A beach buggy. Two parts, the grey chassis and yellow body clip into each other. The wheels are pre-fitted, probably by someone who wishes they didn't have to sit doing this. By pushing down on a plastic paddle at the back of the chassis, the car speeds away. Excellent play value. I'm tempted to paint this one.
By the way, the chocolate is horrible and if you live in the USA, according to Wikipedia, you don't get toys in eggs as they will kill small children.
Have a happy Easter.


James Finister said...

If only that was a frog rather than a crocodile - then I could have made a comment about rivet counting

Michael Campbell said...

I rather like the chocolate, and my kids certainly do! Sadly they don't ask me to assemble the toy for them any more.