Monday, September 28, 2020

South Eastern Finescast plastic bridge arch

One area on the Selly Oak build I've struck gold on is the viaduct arches. I'd been bashing a few ideas around in my head to replicate these, including the classic R180 Hornby triple-arch viaduct. The model might be a hundred years old, but tickled up with some paint, it's not a bad looking model, and happens to be spot on the right height for the Oak.

In the end, I am saved the bother of cutting thick plastic in half and widening the arches like some mad hot-rod builder, by the good people of South Eastern Finecast. 

Rooting through my collection of plastic, I find their archway embossed sheet and realised that it might not be perfect, but with a bit of work, it will be good enough for the job. Short of scribing the bricks myself, I doubt I'd do anything better. 

Most importantly, there is a matching plain brick sheet, something not always a given as I discovered looking through one laser-cut makers range. 

Anyway, the Finecast range of plastic is here and well worth a look. The quality is as good as Slater's and the sheets available in larger sizes - handy for big jobs. 


James Finister said...

I think their brickwork is actually the best out there

Anonymous said...

I think a health warning would be in order for that link. I couldn't see properly for 10 minutes after looking at the site :)

Brian G