Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tickled up Hornby viaduct

I can sense some of you weren't convinced by my suggestion that the Hornby R180 3-arch viaduct can look OK, so I'll show you. 

The model above was built as a project for the Hornby Collectors Club magazine last year and I'm still pretty pleased with it. 

The purple bricks (Hmmm, good name for an estate agent?) have been a painted with Humbrol 121 then coloured with pencil crayons. A dose of weathering filth powder completes the job. It's wise to stick the parapet to the arches, they are only clipped together as supplied and I should have filled the gaps under the edge which show in this low-angle view. 

Used as raw materials, these models can look the part yet are largely ignored by modellers in favour of "proper" products.

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