Sunday, June 16, 2024

7mm Narrow Gauge show 2024


Roundhay Roundhay

In the sunshine, the area around Burton-on-Trent town hall is really rather lovely. I wasn't there to enjoy the architecture though, it was the annual 7mm Narrow Gauge Association event, and I was there for inspiration. 

Favourite layout - Roundhay Roundhay. 4ft by 2ft, continuous run. Easy winner of the "Layout Phil wants to build" prize. I took some photos for BRM later in the year. 

Gants Hill

Gants Hill is a model of Plesy's undergroud factory, and won the best layout prize. A really interesting prototype, and well modelled. 

The Heart of England modular layout managed to look like a proper narrow gauge station, not something always achieved. 

Welton Park has been in front of my camera before - but more vehicles and people have been added. 

And for the life of me, I can't remember the name of this loco. I know I've seen it on 16mm layouts a few times, and have even published something about its build many years ago in Garden Rail. Can anyone remember? 


And the cake. I know this show will offer an excellent selection from previous visits. The chocolate scared me, it was massive, so I went Victoria sponge, which tasted fantastic, but was sufficient for the day. A friend who did risk the chocolate confirmed my fears...


James Finister said...

I like that Roundhay layout, it could work in so many scales as well

Paul B. said...

Muir Hill in all probability. Based on a Fordson tractor.

Huge said...

Phil - Thanks for your comment about the Heart of England station module. I'm gonna gloat and say it was me wot dunnit!

Bill Flude said...

Bunkers Lane not Weston Park…..

Phil Parker said...

Sorry Bill. Don't know what I was thinking. Still on a sugar rush from the cake...