Sunday, June 02, 2024

G3 AGM, Flitwick, 2024


While I've visited the G3 AGM a few times, this year it wasn't on my"must do" list, until my Dad expressed a desire to see Kippo Models to talk about some kits. Well, it's only an hour away, and I could shuffle my weekend to accomodate it. 

The hall doesn't change that much, but new, and eye-catching, was Rundle Quay, a circular test track that has evolved into a simple layout. 2.5m in diameter, it sits on Grange and Hodder baseboards, and will fit in the back of a domestic hatchback car. 

Now, I don't need any more scales to work in, but the tram (not the MEL kit) and Sentinel (G3 Society project) could tempt me!

The owners plan is to focus on very early trains, as these are better suited to larger scales in smaller spaces than more modern stock. An excellent idea, and hopefully one he'll expand on in a future issue of Garden Rail. 

Other than that, there was a little tempting trade, although I am getting better at resisting, another layout, and an empty test track out the back. Odd that last one, it's usually quite popular, and meant that my Dad missed out on some G3 operating action. 

Still, tea and lemon drizzle cake made up for it!

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