Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In a bind

mrj binders
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Not much modelling happening this week. Thanks to a lucky purchase at a recent show, I am the proud owner of 12 Model Railway Journal binders. Proper ones last produced in the 1980’s as far as I can tell. They fit the magazine perfectly (for those who don’t know it’s somewhere between A4 and A5 in size), much better that the generic magazine binders you can buy from Rymans.

Putting magazines in binders is suprisingly satisfying. Turning flimsy, disposable publications into something approaching proper books is great fun. Mind you, it seems to involve reading lots of long forgotten articles so it takes ages.

Of course my recently(ish) complete run turned out to be less complete than it should have been. Issue 49 eluded me. I managed to get a replacement from Tony Pollastrone Railway Books in a couple of days. Cost was a fiver including postage, which isn’t bad. MRJ back numbers usually command a premium over the cover price.

So I will be back binding the issues. Of course I don’t have enough for all the mags. If you are sitting on any unused binder. Please do get in touch.

Now all I need is the oak panelled library to store them in…

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