Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Loco top

Top of loco
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
More progress on the Johnson. The re-shaped dome is fitted. It looks OK and thanks to a serious enlargement of the hole on the boiler, it’s upright.

Plastic rod and tube has furnished some safety valves and one or two other parts. All that’s left is to make the push-pull gear for shown in one photo attached to the smokebox. All I have to work from a single muddy picture so fidelity will be limited. Despite hours of digging through my books and magazines I haven’t been able to find a better shot.

This ought to mean that no-one else can criticise but that never seems to be the case ! Mind you, once in the context of a layout I doubt it will show. Stick the loco on the head of a train and watch it strut its stuff and you definitely won’t.

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