Thursday, March 02, 2006

Quick glazing

Glazed Windows
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Despite appearances to the contrary, I don’t have all day to build models. My boss thinks I should turn up for work occasionally and there is always the demands of eating and sleeping etc.

Sometimes I have to steal a few moments to do little jobs. In this case, glazing the cab windows of the Barclay.

I use Micro Krystal Clear for jobs like this. It’s quick, clean and easy to use. Pick some up on a cocktail stick and whirl it around inside the window frame to form a skin. Leave it to dry, preferably horizontally and you have a nicely glazed window. The setting time is usually a few hours – or if your bottle is going off as mine it – about 2 days for a fully dry pane.

These windows were glazed over 3 days in a few minutes before leaving for work. Not a bad idea as you don’t want to handle the model while the glazing drys. By the time I get back, it’s dry enough to do the other side.

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