Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Power indicator - finished

Finished power indicator.
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Just to show you that I do manage to finish some projects in a reasonable time, he’s the power indicator mentioned a few days ago.

I ended up taking the device apart far more than intended in order to clean the insides out properly. Rust was emery papered off the spindle the arrow hangs from. Then it all went back together in the way that as any properly over-engineered item can – beautiful.

The Bakelite case cleaned up with Brasso to a high gloss finish. Fortunately the glass was intact so I didn’t have to try and work out it’s removal.

A burst of 12V DC flicks the needle over nicely. Reversing the polarity and giving another burst flicks it back the other way. Not how I thought it would work but it does work so that’s all that matters.

The next job will be to mount it on a board and wire it up. I’ll make a 550V DC warning sign as well. This all has to wait until the layout comes out again so I can measure the space available on the fiddle yard front. These board are currently wrapped up in the shed and it’s too cold to go and get them at the moment !

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