Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hereford Model Centre

Hereford Model Centre
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Now this is a huge model shop. Just off the edge of the city centre (you can't miss it if you walk in from the station) in a building that must have been really fashionable when it was built in the 1960's but just looks a bit dated now, even the window is bigger than most.

Once you get inside, allow half an hour minimum to get a good look around. As well as being large, the shop has been around long enough to built up a good level of little bits you have to root through.

There are plastic kits, dolls house bits, railways in all scales both new and second hand, radio control cars, boat kits in lots of scales (no fitting through) and some of the those weird construction kits where people make things out of matchsticks and other stuff. Obviously a good range of basic materials and paints is on sale.

There are several rows of display and the shop is a bit of a maze and all the better for it. To be honest this shop is worth the trip to Hereford on it's own.

Hereford Models Web site

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