Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Old tin shed

Tin barn

This barn makes me feel old.From 1982 to 1988, I used to walk a mile and a quarter each way to school. Every day, just after traipsing over a railway bridge, I would pass this corrugated iron barn. 

Strolling that way again at the weekend, apart from having an "I remember when it was all fields around here moment", I was surprised to see the barn is still there. OK, so a panel has been removed and someone has slid the door open and spray painted the inside, but it's still the building I remember from all those years ago. I don't even this it's been painted, apart from the graffiti that is. 

As a prototype it could fit in anywhere. There's very little detail and if you keep the doors shut, it's a bit of a blank canvas. Weathering experts can enjoy creating some nice rust effects, but not many as this is at least 3 decades old and the tin-worm is still only a surface affliction.

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James Finister said...

The Scalescenes aged corrugated iron would work rather well for that.

I'm currently planning a 1:1 scale corrugated shed for the 7 1/4" gauge loco using 3mm bitumen sheeting. Rather annoyingly until about 15 years ago there was a big black corrugated shed in what is now our front garden that got demolished when it stopped being a small holding.