Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Signal box under repair

Kyle of Lochalsh signal box

Dating from May 2008, this shows Kyle of Lochalsh signal box in a pretty sorry state. Signalling has long been carried out on Scotish lines by radio to the driver cab, freeing many signalmen from lonely posts in some of the less hospitable locations in the country. There might be scenery but also snow, cold and very few trains. 

The box has now been converted into a holiday apartment. I must admit, it looks rather nice and certainly cosier than when the railway ran it.

Modellers could easily replicate the tatty box using a ready to plonk model. File the roof flat (wearing a mask!) and then add the detail. Cover everything with kitchen foil painted blue. Job done.

Or you could look at the modern version which would also make an interesting feature on a layout, just remember is has to be fenced off from the line. 

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