Thursday, December 24, 2020

Immortalised in fridge magnets

A nice early Christmas present arrives in the post from RMweb member Southern42 - a set of refrigerator magnets immortalising the BRM team in festive snow scenes. 

These were sent as a thank you for organising the Cake Box challenge and are set on her model using the plastic giveaway figures from a year or so ago.

It's a really nice gesture and makes me even prouder to have put together the challenge. We got a lot of people modelling and some superb dioramas were produced. Maybe it's time to have another round in lockdown. I'll have to think about it.

I'm not sure how Andy will take to being turned into Santa though!


Andy York said...

Thanks to Polly for these, a lovely thought! I think I'm more of a Raymond Briggs style Santa without all that faffy hair anyway, nice job!

Polly said...

I must say, I am really chuffed that the magnets have received such kind words and attention. Revisiting my Cakebox Challenge entry was quite an eye opener - it not only showed up several areas for improvement but highlighted what a difference changing something can make, in this case, the background. In the original photos, I went for that white-out look and stood the diorama against a white board. I was not impressed! For this set, I sat it on a dining chair (the black cover being one of last year's Christmas presents). What I like about the result is the portrayal of a moonlit winter's night; a train, seemingly, 'disappearing' into the darkness and figures whose characters come to light and take on their own charm - and all within a space of a cakebox!.

Happy NewYear and thanks to all.