Thursday, December 02, 2021

Cottages, layouts and heavy metal in BRM


In the January issue of BRM, I'm takling an old kit - the Dapol thatched cottage, which I've built in mildly and very modified versions. 

While the kit has been around since the 1950s, it's still manufactured by Dapol and so there's still a good reason for modeller to have a play with it. 

You might wonder what inspired this build, well, I've been out with the camera and spotted a couple of thatched cottages on Hadarford. 

An interesting 009 layout, it's built in to a traditional coal-carrying canal boat, which happens to spend time moored pretty close to where I live.

There's a lot of challenges if you chose to build afloat, but the owner has managed, and the results ia lovely, detailed layout. 

However, in a first, I've bagged a second photo shoot in this issue, this time with the N gauge layout Meldon West. 

With a scenic section only 2 1/2 feet long, this is very much a Phil type of layout. Highly detailed, it shows the potential of N gauge, and I hope it inspires many more similar models. 

Finally, on BRM TV, I have a chat with Carl Hart from Hornby, to learn a bit more about injection moulding. 

As well as being interesting and education, I get to do some spotting of interesting blocks in the Hornby storage area.

 All this in the January 2022 issue of BRM

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