Sunday, October 02, 2011

Autumnal colours

Autumnal Colours
TV news channels are banging on about the unseasonably warm weather we are experiencing. Apparently we can look forward to some rich colours on the trees this year thanks to this last blast of warmth.

Maybe this will encourage railway modellers to set their layouts in the later months of the year instead of the traditional high summer. This little diorama by Margaret Insley shows the sort of thing we could look forward to if this happens. Copper coloured foliage, perhaps with some vestigial greens and a few browns for those leaves about to let go of the branch. Sprinkle a few of these on the ground and the scene is complete.

Should anyone fancy a go at this, check out American model railway magazines as those across the pond (or on the other side of the street if you are reading this in the US) seem to do a lot more than we British in this respect. Maybe we don't like to be reminded of the coming winter !

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