Monday, January 07, 2019

Night time sailing

Demonic model boater

The last couple of months have seen a surprise success for our model boat club - night time sailing. 

In the winter months, we normally have a get-together on a Thursday evening, but this year our normal venue hasn't been available. Someone came up with the idea that we simply meet up and sail, and this has proved really popular. 

There is a roaring barbecue and some hot drinks served from the clubroom. Outside, some members sail boats with lights. On the first night these were sensible lights such as a real boat would have. Now they are stringing LEDs along all sorts of vessel. 

It all looks really pretty, even if photography is tricky. 

I sailed on the first night, but didn't have time to get a boat ready for the second. Needless to say though, I have a few strings of festive lights from the Pound shop, and will be on the water again soon!

Night time boat

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