Thursday, January 03, 2019

Painting little people and building containers in BRM

A special treat for BRM readers buying their copy from the newsstand this month - miniature models of the BRM team!

You to can have your own Andy, Phil and Howard on your layout. Just what everyone needs...

Of course, the people come unpainted, but don't worry, there is a handy guide from me on quick and easy figure painting, complete with my special bodge to cover up any dodgy brushwork.

For those who get the DVD instead (subscribers), you'll find me making container kits to demonstrate the art of assembling laser-cut models. It's not hard, but there are a few shortcuts to success, or at least not frustrating failure.

And it's my turn to write the editorial this month - bearing min mind one of my articles in March, the topic is pertinent...

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Huw Griffiths said...

I wonder if any of these figures will find their way into cake box dioramas … probably not, but who knows?

OK - certain people at Warners might look at these figures in a different way but a number of punters are likely to view them as models of people, that actually look something like real people (something of a bonus, when you consider some of the "people models" on the market).

I could, however, imagine some punters wanting to know what any ready made figures are made of - just in case they need to glue them, paint them, or even modify them in some way.

Of course, this would involve a concept new to some people - new - untried - scary even. Whisper it quietly - but I am, of course, talking about some people actually doing some … MODELLING!!

I know - the concept terrifies some people - even talk of it is probably verboten - but nobody's forcing anybody to do anything.

In other words: "Please, don't have nightmares."