Monday, July 29, 2019

Too much heat!

Or maybe too much haste.

With my holiday looming and a piece on whitemetal soldering to write for Garden Rail, I was cracking on with a loco kit built and had reached that glorious primer stage.

A couple of thin coats of Halfords grey applied, I thought I'd make sure the paint was properly dry with a hairdryer. A little too enthusiastically as it turned out. Blasting away with no thought to the consequences, I managed to get enough heat into the model to soften the low-melt solder.

As you can see, a few bits fell off. And I said some bad words.

Fortunately, all was not lost. I could crop the final photo sufficiently that no-one will ever know. Then I fixed the bits back on later. This time, I didn't try to bake the primer dry...

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