Friday, January 31, 2020

Win a HST!

Friday is usually retro models day on the blog. I've been asked to plug a competition for The Trainline for which one of the prizes is a pre-1984 Hornby HST, so here goes:

The competition has now closed.

All you do is enter your e-mail and name and the result will be pulled out of a virtual hat. Since they already have my e-mail address to send me railway related stuff, I'm not losing sleep about a bit more unsolicited mail if that's the point of all this. Stuff about trains would be more use then most of the SPAM I delete anyway.

So, please don't enter the competition as I'd like to win.


Andy in Germany said...

I'd better not enter, as I'd just take the bodies off and build a 1:55 scale NG model on top which isn't in the spirit of the thing...

Phil Parker said...

On the contrary, I think the idea of taking a "valuable" collectable and doing some modelling with it is excellent!