Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Waterborne Wednesday: Falmouth Industry

Falmouth Industry

When I research the boats for this feature, I don't normally head to LinkedIn, but a quick search on this vessel took me to Andrew Baldock, who for 12 years, skippered "Falmouth Industry". According to his profile, the boat was responsible for "delivering fuel and fresh water and collecting waste oil slops around the Falmouth maritime area". Not a glamorous life then, but an essential and useful one.

"Falmouth Industry" (ex-Ulster Industry, and Humber Industry) is a Humber barge, built in 1961, with a gross tonnage of 257t and 420dwt. The vessel’s long history included a period when it traded across the Irish Sea from Liverpool. At some time in its history, the barge was cut in two and extended to install a freshwater tank in the new mid section.

It has now retired, a new fuel station being established on the refurbished Eastern arm of the docks, where a pontoon has been installed and diesel fuel piped from the land supply.

This lovely, colourful boat will presumably be cut up for tin cans, but maybe someone will build a model of it. You don't often see colourful working boats so there is an opportunity here.

Falmouth IndustryP9180081

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