Monday, October 19, 2020

Coal yard and sheep shelter in The Collector


My life is ruled by deadlines.  On a board beside my computer there is a list of magazine deadlines and the projects that I need to complete by them. 

It should be a comprehensive list, but sometimes I manage to leave something off and it comes back to bite me. 

Which is why a few weeks ago, I found myself turning out two small scenes in double-quick time so the articles could be delivered to the Hornby Collectors club for their Autumn 2020 magazine. 

The problem with being up against it for time when you are making things is that paint and glue don't realise you need them to dry FAST and so there needs to be some clever juggling to keep work going while something else dries.

Handy hint: Hair lacquer sticks loads of stuff and yet dries very, very fast.  

The first scene is a rural one.

I'd been asked to demo the Skale Scenics range and so we have their grass, flock and this rather nice ready to plant oak tree. The hut is an old Hornby model and the sheep and shepherd are from the range as well. 

After that, we have a competition launch model. 

For the 100th birthday of the company, we've launched the 100mm challenge, you can read the full details in the magazine, but the length of track is important...

Hornby Collector Club.

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