Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hong Kong tram toys

Hong Kong tram toys

Yesterdays video made me want to dig my Hong Kong tram souvenirs out of the back of the cupboard and take a photo. 

Sadly, there's not much in the way of identification under them apart from the largest which is from "Peak Horse". I suspect it owes something to the HO scale Bachmann model. Which reminds me, I'm sure I have a motorised one of those somewhere...


Huw Griffiths said...

I wonder if we might soon see a tram themed magazine project layout.

Seriously though, I seem to recall reading about there having been a link between the UK rail network and the Blackpool tram network - to allow coal wagons to be transferred, then hauled to (I think) a power station by a small centre cab electric loco.

I'm not sure- but I seem to recall reading that the loco might have since found its way to Crich.

Of course, I could be mistaken ... .

Phil Parker said...

A tram themed magazine project would be great fun. I seriously considered a private project along those lines earlier this year.

There are several goods tramways in the UK. I can't find the link, but there was a book on them published in the last 12 months. Crich has a Blackpool steeple cab goods tram in the collection.