Monday, November 29, 2021

Catenary maintanance car

Even on a freind's German layout, I can't resist an interesting piece of rolling stock. 

This is a Deutsche Bahn overhead line maintainence car. It's a Trix model, and very fienly detialed. The pan can be raised and the working platform swung out with the handrails raised. 

All in all, a nice, compact unit. Why don't we do this sort of thing in the UK? It all looks so neat to me. 

Quickly searching on the number brings up a photograph of the prototype. 

I think the model looks nicer, but I'd definetly have photographed the real thing if I'd seen it!


Andy in Germany said...

This is one of those moments where I'm reminded that what is normal for us isn't normal for everyone; these are not an uncommon sight in the region...

Anonymous said...

Definitely has a look of a WuM German railbus about it.

Luke Stevens said...

They were indeed based on the VT98 railbus.