Monday, November 08, 2021

Save the boating pool!


Storage has not been kind to the boating pool on the Handyman Hall Railway. The varnish had developed long white streaks. In a river, I could have told people these represented white water, but no-one was going to believe me here!

It's a long while since I built the layout, but my usual method for representing water involves coats of Ronseal Yacht varnish. Lovely stuff, but slow to dry and I was on a deadline. As well as the yacht varnish, I always keep a can of Interior floor varnish, and decided a coat of this might just cover up the white bits. 

The stuff normally dries within 20 minutes, but of course as I was on tenterhooks, it took well over an hour. 

But - it worked!

I'm now wondering if I used interior varnish in the first place. Yacht varnish is slow drying enough not to show brush marks, and these are definitely evident. I wonder if I can get away with a coat on top now?

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