Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy holidays in Garden Rail


Happy Holidays from Garden Rail this month - we head stateside to visit the breathtaking New York Botanical Gardens annual festive display. Not only is it amazing to see, but the natural materials everything is constructed from can be picked up for free. 

On the workbench, Lew and Lyn get an upgrade, a 7/8th building is enlarged to 1:12 scale, we tackle snowdrifts, and back in the warm, build a railcar. 

All this plus the latest news for garden scale modellers.


BR60103 said...

We went to the New York Botanical Gardens railway 2 years ago. It was a most impressive display, despite not being in its normal building (due to construction).

(I don't see Garden Rail in the shops here.) :-(

Phil Parker said...

You can get a digital (or paper) copy here: