Monday, March 20, 2023

A "quick" RC change


Ahead of the Midlands show, it occured to me that running the Merlin on 26mHz radio control wasn't the best idea.

For a start, the chances of frequency clashes were higher than normal. There's no pegboard to book frequencies, and so I'd have to run around the hall checking. Worse, the old-fsahioned, long aerial was just going to be a nuisance in the middle of a layout. 

No problem. I'd been meaning to swap out the reciever for a 2.4gHz version for ages. the time had come. 

Plan A is to put all the steam locos on a Spectrum unit. My Accucraft Sea Lion is already fitted with one, and I have aquired a few second-hand recievers. Of course, I can't find the transmitter. 

Next up, Radio Link. Transmitters to hand. Loads (4) recievers. Trouble is, I can get them to bind, but not operate a servo. The servo is fine, the power to the reciever is fine. Swapping both recievers and transmitters, makes no difference. 

I have a feeling I've had this problem with Radio Link before. There is a solution, but for the life of me, I can't remember it. 

Finally, in desperation, I use my last Planet reciever. These are very rare now, since the company stopped making them. I'd rather put it in a boat, by needs must. Swapping the leads over is the matter of moments. Extracting the old reciever, fitted with a double-sides foam sticky pad, took longer. 

All seemed to be working, and the loco ran the following day. A result. I just need to find that Spectrum transmitter.

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