Thursday, March 23, 2023

Budget buildings and display cases in April's BRM

We've just "enjoyed" the budget from the chancellor, so now it's down to me to show you some proper cost-savings. 

First up, I channel my inner Ahern. 

This goods shed is based on one found in his book of modelling buildings, and a version of it can be seen on his Madder Valley Railway, now installed at Pendon. 

As a scratchbuild, it's not too difficult, and I think I've caught the character of the original. There are a couple of interesting techniques used too. Young Phil would enjoy this article, no money but plenty of cardboard meant I made a lot of buildings for my train set. 

Next, what to do with your nice new loco? 

Put it in a display case of course!

And I show you how to create cases for very little outlay using stuff you might otherwise throw away. 

Finally, I've had the camera out again. 


I spotted Paul Spencer's excellent layout "Splott" at DEMU last year. At 18ft long, including fiddle yards, it's not huge, but there's bucket loads of detail. Lovely industrial buildings too. There's no need for a backscene with this layout, the structures do the job!

And it's BRM's 30th birthday! I remember spotting the mag in a newsagents in a row of shops under my sister's first flat during a break from doing some DIY. At the time, the bright and breezy look really stood out in an era where most mags were in black and white. I bought a copy, which I still have, but never thought I'd be part of the team a couple of decades later.


James Finister said...

I really enjoyed the goods shed article. What struck me was whether the planking could have been done with Avery (other brands available) self-adhesive label paper. Perhaps also suggesting to those nice people at Scale Model Scenery? A sheet of pre-cut self-adhesive planking - or indeed, glazing strips for window making.

Phil Parker said...

Thanks - you are right, self-adhesive strips would work. It's one of those "many ways to skin a cat" situations. There's no right way, just lots of different ones that suit different builders.

SMS is another good suggestion. Of course, I should insist on being a traditional builder and use glue made from boiled up horse to stick things together.

Now, where is my pile of Bristol Board? :-)

James Finister said...

You know the SMS people better than I do to put the idea in their direction.

Phil Parker said...

I certainly will do. Thanks

James Finister said...

I have to confess I didn't know you could still get Bristol Board. I always presumed it had been superseded by newer materials

Phil Parker said...

I have a pack of it, but can't honestly say I've used it out of anything but curiosity.