Monday, March 27, 2023

Little Playmobil boats


Over the last couple of weeks, personal modelling time has been pretty much non-existent. That's not a bad thing, as you helpful people have provided me with much food for throught on the steam tram, but it does limit the blog posts. 

However, I've been to a lot of shows, and shows mean temptation and a wallet work-out. 

First up, the silliest items. A couple of Playmobil boats - OK, a boat and a hovercraft. These were inspired by the fantastic display of models along the front of "Loft City Central". 

Regular readers will know I love a Playmobil boat, and there were several on show that I wanted to know more about. Obviously, it's rude to pick things up on a stand, and both the owners and I were too busy for me to investigate further, however, the internet came to my rescue. 

The question was, "Do the hovercraft and small speedboat float?"

Sadly, the web let me with the direct answer, but I did find some examples for sale on ebay, and for very little money. A fiver for the hovercraft, and 99p for the speedboat. I am a big kid with a credit card, so, bought them both. 

And the answer is - yes they do. Not only that, but they are designed to have the power pod containing batteries, a motor and propeller, clipped underneath. I'm sure I have one of these somewhere, and when I find it, they will be going for a spin on the pond. 

You are probably wondering if radio control could be fitted, and the answer is, probably, but it would be a lot of work. These aren't high on the project list (that fishing boat from a few weeks ago trumps them), but maybe one day. After all, with a little LiPo, tiny speed control and a micro servo, I'm sure something could be made to work. 


James Finister said...

I remember the power pods underneath some of my old toy boats. Looking through a reference guide I've noticed that it was sold as part of the Meccano-Triang range/Scalex, but branded as MABUCHI.

Could be interesting to make an RC version

Phil Parker said...

At 6 quid, I'm not sure I'm going to spend much time looking...

Michael Campbell said...

I had one of those racing boats, and a speedboat and a cabin cruiser, and all worked with the clip on motor in the bath. About 30 years later my kids also had playmobil boats and we had a motor for them too. All good fun but they spent most of the time bashing into the side of the bath.

Phil Parker said...

I'm thinking mine might take a trip across the boating lake!