Friday, March 29, 2024

Another Beatties bag


The rest of the team on the BRM stand look at me like I'm weird, when some top person (sorry, didn't get a name) appears on the stand at Ally Pally to hand me a bright yellow carrier bag. Regular readers though, will know that this makes me very happy. Another one for the collection!

This must date from the height of the Beatties Empire, as there are a lot of stores listed. I'm particually fascinated by "Leisureworld, 2 High Friars, Eldon Sq, Newscastle" - was this a shopping centre? The internet is strangely silent on the topic. Sounds fun though.


Anonymous said...

There is a comment on Rmweb here :

Beatties took over Boydells in Eldon Square, Newcastle around 1983 or 1984. Beatties Head Office renamed it 'Leisureworld', rather than 'Beatties'. I left Beatties in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle in 1988 and sometime later (maybe around 1995) on a visit to the North East I went into Leisureworld when it had relocated to the large Metro Centre complex between Dunston and Blaydon.

Michael Campbell said...

I think that was me Phil. It turned up when a club member was having a clear out, still wrapped around a new length of peco track.