Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Spotting on York station

York Station 30th April 2024

There's been precious little personaly modelmaking going on recently, but I have been up to York for the exhibition at Easter. More on this on Sunday, but in the meantime, a few random shots taken at the station on Saturday.

York Station 30th April 2024

All are straight from my mobile phone, without tinkering. Impressive, as it was dark outside so we only had the station lights to work with.

York Station 30th April 2024

These are, like every other photograph, moments in time. Five years from now, things may well look different, with new stock and liveries on show. York station certainly has changed over the period I've known it - less track for a start, and a lot more places to buy food. The only travel office is now a Sainsbury's, travel info now being available from an office on the platform.

York Station 30th April 2024


Christopher Payne said...

Judging by the 30 April 2024 dates on these photographs, trains do not run on time to York, but arrive some four weeks early.


Phil Parker said...

Well, I did put them up on 1st April!