Wednesday, May 01, 2024

A heavyweight Simplex


Another Simplex, this time an IP Engineering whitemetal kit. Built for a Garden Rail feature on soldering whitemetal, this is one heavy beast. 

In theory, this should be good, but I've found that on the lightly laid Faller plastic track, it finds everywhere where the ballast isn't as supportive as it should be, and if there is a slight gradient anywhere, the two AAA powered model struggles a bit. Four-wheel drive would be useful, but retro fitting the PS Models version would be very difficult, building a new kit would be easier!

One of the battery boxes needs replacement, but apart from that, it's a nicel model. 

The wagon is from the re-born Coopercraft range, hastily painted to add variety to the stock. 

At the show: Ran happily around the layout, until it didn't. The gear train seems to have locked up solid. Needs investigating, but I (for once) sensibly realised this was better left until I got back to the workbench.

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