Sunday, May 05, 2024

The National Garden Railway Show 2024


I did it - again. 

A smaller "Layout in a Day" than normal - 7 by 6ft rather than 3metres squared, but because it was on tables, I don't think anyone minded. In fact, there were many compliments for the display, I'll take that thank you!

Wandering around was limited, and what did is being turned into magazine content. One issue with the new hall is that the lighting is a bit dim, so photos have all been taken on my phone as it copes with the lack of light better than my camera. I think the results are acceptable though. They had better be, I can't re-take them!


James Finister said...

In many modern gardens, that size is probably more realistic anyway for many. Personally I don't think that matters if you have young children, and you just want to have some form of garden line

Phil Parker said...

It's true that a lot of modern gardens are a bit postage stamp. Something like this is a toe in the water. If you like it, extend it. All without massive earthworks.