Friday, May 24, 2024

Roundhouse loco - First steaming

With the sun out, it's time to see if the latest addition to my fleet works. After loading it up with fuel, oil and water, I placed it on a couple of bricks to give it a go.

As promised, it steams really freely. The safety valve lifted within five minutes (roughly) and on the track, it runs perfectly.I am a happy boy!

OK, there is work to do:
  • The transmitter is falling apart, but it was always going to be replaced by a 2.4ghz unit. 
  • The pressure gauge doesn't work. I'll have a poke, but will probably just replace it. We won't pass a boiler test unless I can get this sorted!
  • A couple of the grub screws in the wheels are out, and won't go back. 
  • A new O-ring is required for the lubricator. 
  • New safety valve covere required! (I have the dome cover). 
  • The boiler wobbles. Hopefully this is just a loose bolt. 
  • The boiler needs a good degrease and clean on the outside. 
  • The cylinder covers look tatty. Not sure if I should repaint or just replace. 

Time to head to the Roundhouse website and place an order...

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