Tuesday, May 14, 2024



Various models land on my desk for work. Most simply require photography, others assembly and then photography. 

Last week, this rather nice greenhouse from ScaleModelScenery arrived. I don't know what it was about the photo on the packet, but I felt the urge to build the model straight away, and it's a long while since I've felt like that!

For the magazine page, a simple build will suffice as I only need a single photo. 

But I fancy going futher. A paper wrap is included to cover the brick base, but I don't like these much, so some Plastikard will be brought in. I'll paint the concrete base too, another wrap as supplied. 

Glazing using the celophane packet is suggested, but some clear sheet will look better I think. Nothing major, just a few tweaks to improve what is already, a really nice model.

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James Finister said...

It is one of those little things that can be used to place a mode in a period. I was scanning some photos of the one at one of my childhood homes. The base was creosoted vertical planking, with a distinct variation in the colour. I suspect the rest of it was creosoted as well. The south facing side was all glass. No fancy ridge decoration. What was inside would also have been different. Tomatoes at the right time of the year, and bedding plants for the front garden. The frosts were kept off by a paraffin heater. Oh, and as was once quite common, it was built in a bit of a trench to benefit from ground warmth.

It also often seemed to have a broken window, indeed my brother blamed me for breaking one whilst I was in my pram.