Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chassis testing

chassis test
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The reason I was so keen the build the Jinty was that Flockborough was going to be available to act as a test track. Only a little midnight oil was needed to allow this photo to be taken.

Once the layout was assembled and the chassis was in one piece I was able to bring the two together.

A lump of lead bent around the motor give the “model” some much needed weight and temporary pickups on four wheels supply the electric juice.

And off the chassis went. Straight up the layout traversing a couple of crossovers and some facing points as it went. All without problems. I was so pleased.

The way back was similar except for a derailment on the final crossover.

We explored sidings and straight running lines. There were odd problems but nothing major. Even in a rough state with not enough pickups the flexi-chassis worked well.

Now all I have to do is take it to bits, paint it and put it back together properly without breaking anything.

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