Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jinty body

jinty body 1
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Back to the Jinty for a while.

The body is interesting and fairly simple so far. Interesting because most of it isn’t assembled on the footplate as normal kits are. Instead you make up the tanks and bunker as a separate brass box. This is then soldered to the footplate.

The only notable bit of this job is opening out the “key holes”, in reality access for the sandboxes, in the tank sides. On the back of the side there is an etched line showing the outline and a dot in the centre of the circle. I drilled this and the opened the hole with a tapered reamer. Finally the bottom of the hole was created with a square needle file.

This work is necessary because not all Jinties featured the holes. On early ones the fillers must have been on top of the tanks I suppose. I wanted somewhere for the winding up key to go…

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