Thursday, October 11, 2007

Setting up

The Blue Boat on its stand
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Model Engineers seem to have more time off than the rest of us. That’s the only reason I can see that this years Midlands Model Engineering Show runs from Friday to Tuesday. Even that’s a reduction, it used to be good for 10 days !

This means that setting up the boat club stand has to happen on Thursday night. Pretty early too, it’s a case of get home from work and head straight out there. Good job the exhibition site is only 10 minutes drive away.

Anyway we’re showing the Blue Boat, Puffer & African Queen. The rest of the stand is chocka with models and looks really good in a jumbled sort of way. It’s certainly colourful with not a grey boat to be seen.

It’s good to see The Blue Boat on the stand. After 40 years it it’s looking really good up there.

If you are going, look out for me on the Saturday & Sunday when I’ll be the one hanging around hoping to talk to people.

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