Friday, October 05, 2007

Sudbury part 1

Flockburgh at Sudbury
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It takes just over 3 hours to get from Leamington to Sudbury. Despite reports on the radio there, weren’t any major traffic problems en route. A couple of bits with heavy traffic but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a Friday afternoon.

On arrival we find the hall thanks to some good instructions, not always a given even nowadays with electronic mapping easy to find. It’s a church. Not a church hall but a real church – admittedly not one in use but unusual all the same. It’s also bang in the middle of town but there is some handy parking.

Getting the layout in is mildly annoying. We’re the only people unloading and yet the club members stand around chatting. No-one bothers to offer us a hand. While not essential, after the journey it would have been appreciated. It’s not like they were doing anything better ! At our show I’m pleased to say this wouldn’t happen, you don’t get in the door without a flock of people offering help.

Worse, there was no sign of any tea. Requests for toilets were greeted with a wave of a hand and direction to go and use the ones in the pub. Sudbury has several town centre pubs and it was only chance that sent us to the White Horse. What we didn’t know was that they had arranged the use of toilets with the pub so we felt duty bound to have a drink – it solved the thirst problem but did nothing for my nerves. The car was still full of layout and bags out of our site and with the local kids wandering around.

Still, we got in and set up. The space allowed was tight. The end of the layout was about 3 feet from a traders frontage. If his stall got two deep we would have them banging on the fiddle yard. Swinging the model around at an angle made for more room without inconveniencing anyone.

Testing went well so we departed for the pub we were stopping in and booked into a nice room by 7pm.

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