Sunday, July 01, 2018

DEMU 2018

Burton Station

You don't often get off a train and an hour later find yourself admiring a 1:76 scale version of the station you were standing on, but that's how it worked at DEMU this year. Cavan Millward's 2mm scale model uses a clever set of N2 track standards that create a fine crossing V to encourage smooth running without modification to rolling stock.

I didn't really notice this until I read the details in the programme. What I saw was a very accurate model that nailed the look of the station and surroundings.

Model model railway

Another eye-catcher is this model of a model railway in a 4mm scale Wills garden shed. I really fancy building one of these!

Diesel engine

The exposed diesel engines on Oil Drum Lane looked good too. Very clever bit of modelling.

DEMU also sees a few interesting new products appearing. I met the boss of Hattons in the queue to come in, and he'd brought a 3D print of their new Class 66 along for people to see. 

If I'd been smart, I'd have realised this might happen and been better prepared with the right camera to bag some high-quality shots. As it was, I had to do the best with the pocket compact in my bag which leads to limited depth-of-field. 

The Mickleover limited edition Scottish Class 37 looks nice - I like the big yellow end engines. This one has been weathered by its owner which enhances it even further. 

Next year the show moves out of it's traditional Burton Town hall venue. I'm a little sad about this as it's a quirky and fun place to go, but I understand that the show needs to grow and that means more space. 

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