Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bridgenorth Model Shops

Hobby Horse
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For a tiny town, Bridgenorth certainly has a lot of model shops. Head down Listley Street and you quickly trip over Hobby Horse. It's not a big shop but stocks a small range of plastic kits. There are also paints, railway (Hornby), Warhammer, Playmobil (?) and modelling materials. Lots of Britains and Timpo figures too. I considered buying a 4 foot length on 6 inch wide balsa for my entry in the plank competition but then thought better of trying to carry it around on my wanderings.

Further down the road, Spartan Trophies carry a much bigger range of kits plus Tamya paint. Plus you can get trophies engraved - who could ask for more ?

If that's not enough, there is even a shop specialising in collectible toys. It's half Steif teddies and half vintage diecast. Prices are very reasonable (for the cars, I know nothing about teddies).

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