Tuesday, February 09, 2021

A container full of Garden Rail?


With the wagon, came a shipping container, and well, there was only one colour I could paint it. 

The model is a slot-together laser-cut MDF kit. Nothing exciting here, but the roof is very well supported and that is the sort of job that pre-cut parts make easy. I wouldn't have put this many ribs in if I'd been scratchbuilding, but if the pieces are there, I'm going to use them. 

Laser-etched detail doesn't cut it for me however, so strips of Plastikard were superglued in place and slices of microrod stuck on these. It might be a bit overscale, but my garden railway style is cartoony, so they look the part. I like to think I have over-emphasised the detail for dramatic effect. 

The roof is plastic glued and pinned down because I didn't trust it to stay put. Over this, some tissue paper is fixed with lashings of plastic cement.

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