Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Yellow, tin house roof


Driving on a work trip to click'n'collect from Tony's Trains in Rugby for a work project last week, I passed an amazing building. With the trees free of leaves, it stood out a mile and only the lack of stopping places prevented me taking a photo. 

Looking every inch like a plastic kit painted by a beginner who choses colours they like rather than realistic ones, the roof is bright yellow, and I mean bright. 

Interestingly, it's a corrugated iron roof too. I'd guess a replacement, possibly for thatch? 

Whatever, this would be an interesting model to include on a layout, but keep a photo handy to prove you haven't made it up!

You can see the building on Google Streetview.


Duncan Young said...

Not uncommon over the years albeit the yellow roof is a 'wow'. Saw lots of this in west of Ireland in the small white 'cabins' or croft huts and in Norfolk - Brundall sticks in the memory and in a thatched terrace , how odd and how sad the cottage looked with the tin roof. One reason was lack of a thatcher/too busy/ no money to replace. I'm looking forward top seeing Phil giving a guru's wisdom on creating model thatch!

Phil Parker said...

Hmmm. Thatch always looks like hard work. I'm thinking a Dapo (ex-Airfix) cottage with tin roof might be fun though.